About Me

Alaiyo Kiasi-Barnes_Publisher of Pescetarian Journal

Hello, I’m Alaiyo Kiasi-Barnes. As a Gulf-Coast native, I grew up eating freshly caught seafood, home-grown vegetables, and fruits from trees on our property. My father fished often and insisted on cooking his catch. In the late 1980′s, I realized that red snapper, a fish that my father caught during recreational fishing, was endangered, along with other types of fish. As someone deeply appreciative of seafood, I made it my mission to help share information about seafood that is sustainable and (since concerns of mercury in seafood are increasing) safe to eat.

Pescetarian Journal also focuses on fresh, organic produce for meals and snacks. Here on Pescetarian Journal, I share healthy recipes for pescetarians, vegetarians, and anyone else who values or is interested in whole foods. Pescetarian Journal celebrates sustainable seafood and helps educate others about the importance of purchasing and cooking sustainable seafood, whole foods, and organic produce. Here you’ll find delectable seafood recipes along with vegetarian recipes. Thank you for visiting today, and I hope Pescetarian Journal will be a resource as you consider or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact me at info@pescetarianjournal.com.