4 Last-Minute Seafood Snacks for #Superbowl Sunday

Did the responsibility of hosting a Superbowl party fall on you recently? Suddenly, folks have planned to show up at your house. “Oh, don’t worry about fixing food for us, we’ll bring everything,” they promised; but you know your friends to be the chip-and-dip type. You’re not looking forward to several hours of salty chips and milky dip, right? Here are 4 Last-Minute Snacks for Superbowl Sunday–Superbowl recipes that, when served, will keep you and your guests fueled up for all the excitement that is to come. (Click on the links to see the posts and recipes.)
Egg salad with anchovies in a bread bowl.
  1. Anchovy and Egg Salad: Although the recipe calls for homemade egg salad, you can make this recipe in a snap by buying prepared egg salad from the deli. Fresh dill makes a great garnish, but if you can’t find it this time of hear, don’t fret. Your friends will likely be so impressed with the bread bowl, they won’t miss the dill.
Bamboo plate containing oven-fried catfish fingers and parsley
2.  Oven-Fried Catfish Fingers: You only need boneless catfish fillets and a few other ingredients to make these homemade catfish fingers. If you’re serving other snacks, plan for 3-5 catfish fingers per person. The easy-to-make Mango Chili Dip that accompanies the catfish fingers is a must!
3.  Smoky Shrimp Quesadillas: Your guests may never leave if you serve these addicting quesadillas. Whether or not you own a quesadilla maker, you can easily prepare this nom-worthy seafood snack in your skillet with a spatula and by applying pressure to mix the baby shrimp, onions, peppers, and cheese. Cut these smoky shrimp snacks into triangles and watch them evaporate.
Mini crab cakes coated with cheddar flavored baked corn snacks
4. Cheesy Crunch Mini Crab Cakes: If you guests arrive with cheese puffs, put them to good use by crushing the chips and using them as coating for the cutest, lightest, and tastiest crab cakes you and your guests will ever pop into your mouths. Everyone’s eyes will be locked on the TV screen–that is, until they taste these crab cakes. Be warned, double takes and additive behavior is entirely possible.
So, get your grocery list and get going, and be sure to let me know how it turns out. Happy Game Day!


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