Preview: Easter/Passover Feast #Sunday Supper


Food holidays such as Easter and Passover encourage home cooks to stretch their culinary range. Some of us have heirloom recipes that we prepare, lovingly, every year. Along with the traditional  recipes are new tastes and textures that delight family and friends. Like you, we love making the holidays memorable. This week, the #Sunday Supper team shares recipes… 

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Ponzu Marinated Pan Seared Tuna Steak #Giveaway


Who doesn’t love a thick, pan seared tuna steak? A soy sauce dipping sauce on the side had been my favorite accompaniment–until a few weeks ago. Now, I’m wild about Marukan Vinegars and Soy Dressings. Marukan’s vinegars and dressings make flavorful marinades for fish and seafood, including sustainable Ahi tuna. When cooking seafood, one needs only a few… 

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365 Days of Green Smoothie Benefits #Giveaway


Green smoothie benefits seem to be a trending topic on social media channels these days. Despite all the buzz, I was happy to drink the occasional fruity smoothie from my favorite smoothie and vitamin store. Adding spinach or other greens to my smoothie wasn’t my idea of tasty. But after reading Green Smoothies for Every… 

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Seafood Freezer Meals with Cook-it-Frozen®

Roasted Cod with Tomato Jam

If you have raw, frozen fish filets, then you can have seafood freezer meals in 15 minutes. Cooking fish from freezer to plate is a safe, quick, and easy technique. I learned of this technique at, a website featuring Wild Alaska Seafood. Now,  Wild Alaska Flavor  has released a new eBook: Frozen to Fork, No Need to Thaw. The eBook… 

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Six Easy Cod Recipes


These easy cod recipes feature the popular lean, mild, and meaty whitefish. Cod is low in saturated fat  and a source for the all-important, heart-protective Omega-3 fatty acids, according to the American Heart Association. Here you will find cod recipes for holidays, weekdays, kids, and guests. Cooking and Cod Recipes Cooking fish at home doesn’t have to be a… 

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Pan Fried Smelt Salad


Among typical ingredients for salad recipes, pan fried smelt seems an unusual ingredient. These tiny, trout-like fish found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and in the American Great Lakes, where the saltwater fish were stocked in Crystal Lake in Michigan in 1912. According to the Ocean Wise organization, Rainbow smelt from Lake Erie are… 

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